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Reorganise information and redesign a new website for Thai Beverage Public Company Limited ("ThaiBev")


Thai Beverage Public Company Limited ("ThaiBev" or the "Group") is a leading beverage company in Southeast Asia, and it is the largest in Thailand. In addition to its beverage business, ThaiBev is also involved in various other industries.



The team has gained an understanding of all business units, which include the Brewery Group, Distillery Group, International Business Group, Sales Group, Non-Alcohol Beverage Business Group, Sole Agent Group, Group of Companies Invested by ThaiBev, Food Group, and others. They have also studied various legal regulations in the working process, such as alcohol beverage advertising laws, which are essential in website design.

The challenge of this project lies in the distinct characteristics and identities of each brand under ThaiBev's management, as well as the legal restrictions concerning the display of alcoholic beverage brands. SUFFIX addresses these challenges by structuring and formatting the presentation to accommodate the unique qualities of each brand and organising content for all business units under a unified structure that aligns with the needs of users seeking information about the various brands and ThaiBev as a whole.



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