Jan Mantanakorn



Professional Service


Design a new website to archive all the projects completed by Jan Manatanakorn.


Jan Manatanakorn is a director who specialises in fashion films and advertising. His work primarily focuses on products within the cosmetics and personal care industry. With an impressive portfolio, Jan has contributed his creative talents to Thai and international markets, showcasing her expertise in crafting visually captivating and engaging content for these industries.



Given Jan Mantanakorn's emphasis on fashion and beauty in work, visual presentation is of paramount importance. The design approach prioritises imagery as the central element while ensuring that the layout and placement of text do not disrupt the visual experience, whether in images or videos on the website. Another distinctive feature of the website is the compilation of Jan's portfolio. Consequently, the primary audience for the website will likely consist of agencies, various brands, and individuals seeking to contact Jan or access his professional history and credentials. Effective communication channels and access to background information are key components of the website to cater to these audiences effectively.



Responsive design


The commercials portfolio page design


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