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Create a profile website for Buro Ole Scheeren firm that can update works and news.


Büro Ole Scheeren is an international architecture firm that practices architecture, urbanism, interior design, and research. The client wants to use a black & white tone on the website that keeps their firm's identity. The website has to show each project's details and the teams. The information has to be organized in an orderly and easy to understand because the project has many forms and many countries. The news section may have many types that are updated manually and referenced from other news sources worldwide.



First of all, we suggested showing animate while hovering on each project's image, so the users can see details of the building structure. We use the filter feature to organize all projects that give the user an overview of what kind of work can be performed and quickly find exactly what they want. In the news section, we create many templates that Buro Ole Scheeren team can manually update with various aspect ratios. We also collaborate with Khun Chomwan Weeraworawit and the IT team responsible for server issues to optimize website speed in any country.



The alternative display on the projects section which can select by grid or list


Projects section design


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  • Morie Sittikuldet
  • Natnicha Temsiriwat
  • Sopana Saeeung
  • Sopana Saeeung